How to plan your dream family kitchen

Planning your dream kitchen is very exciting – thinking about the room where your family can spend the evening cooking delicious dinners together whilst chatting about your days!

But if you have a family, ask yourself, am I the only person I need to please?

By this, we mean your dream kitchen may have to function according to the needs of your children and or elderly relatives.

If one of your priorities is to make sure the kitchen is accessible (or not) and safe for everyone, book a consultation with us, and we can discuss your visions for your dream family kitchen.

Here are some ideas to consider…

The cooker

What pairs perfectly with a family home? A Range cooker! This state-of-the-art equipment carries all the benefits of modern times, allowing you to cater for as many or as few as needed – whether a large family gathering or an intimate meal for two, you have control.

The kitchen tops

With all the chaos that children can bring to a family home, we suggest opting for a kitchen countertop that is easily maintained. Take quartz, for example. This not only looks elegant but is durable and easy to clean. So, you can wipe down any spills without fear of leaving stains. This is what makes it the most popular choice for today’s modern kitchen – and we offer a wide range from the UK’s leading manufacturers.

Plus, you may want to consider having rounded corners on kitchen island worktops, to make your kitchen more children-friendly!

Read our blog on choosing the perfect kitchen top for you.

The layout

With children being children, many will likely end up running circles around your family kitchen (and potentially you), so the kitchen layout should be designed with this in mind.

For example, consider the placement of your appliances so that they function within the space you are working with but are also positioned in the perfect place for your children to use or avoid.

The sink

A stunning Belfast sink suits a family kitchen perfectly as a testament to years gone by. The deep ceramic design can be paired with polished taps and accessories, creating a beautiful contrast of materials – and is big enough for all the items you need to clean!

The storage

Storage is a vital part of the kitchen design, and a nicely organised family kitchen gifts you a feeling of calm when using it.

If your children are young, you might want to limit certain items to them. We suggest considering where you locate kitchenware that your children use, and in contrast, when putting glassware out of hands’ reach, why not showcase them in a beautifully lit cabinet or dresser.

Now that we have discussed the base of your kitchen, let’s talk about its character and the elements needed to give your new family kitchen that homey feel!

Including everyone

What is one part of the kitchen that works for all ages? A breakfast bar! If you are someone who frequently hosts many family members or friends, then this is the perfect addition to your family home.

It can function as any of the following:

  • A place to eat food
  • A space to complete homework
  • A workstation to prepare family meals
  • An area to display food and drinks when guests are round
  • An actual bar for celebrations or a chilled night in

Whatever you choose the bar for, we are here to help!

Teddington Family House

Have you seen the work we did for Teddington House? This beautiful family kitchen included tall height wall cabinets to emphasise the space and incorporated a refrigeration centre consisting of a fridge, freezer, and in-frame double wine coolers, creating the perfect kitchen for both entertaining and family life.

At Truman Kitchens, we believe your kitchen should not only be beautiful and timeless it must also be practical and work efficiently as a kitchen. We will be your guide during the whole journey, from your first design meeting to the installation of the last handle in your new kitchen.

We employ our own installation manager who will ensure your kitchen is built and installed with the highest care and attention to detail that your bespoke kitchen deserves to make your finished kitchen perfect in every way.

Ready to make your dream family kitchen?

Contact us today – we can’t wait to hear from you!