Our kitchens range from £20,000 – £80,000.

Our average kitchen cost is £25,000 – £30,000.

A quote isn’t the final price. We would work with you and make changes to find a solution that you are happy with.

Yes of course, we would love to discuss your kitchen ideas and provide some inspiration.

Start with a visit to our showroom. It is designed in large room sets of different styles. You will sure to be drawn to a particular style.

Yes, we provide the full design and installation service. It is important to us that our kitchens are fitted to the highest standard.

It depends on room size. As part of our design consultation we explain storage solutions such as the built-in pantry, pull out larders and corner unit systems.

The appliances you require are key to the design and reflect your current lifestyle, everyone will have different reasons for an appliance such as a integrated coffee maker or a wine cooler. The dishwasher or microwave was a luxury 20 years ago but they are now an expected item to have, deciding on how or what you cook could steer you to a combination microwave oven for speed.