Choosing your kitchen worktops

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Kitchen worktops are a key component of any kitchen design and with the kitchen now becoming a focal point and social hub of family life, the worktops need to not only look good, but provide a functional and practical solution to the heart of your home.  There are various different styles and finishes to choose from and it may seem a daunting task, with the options endless, but its important to get this right and choose not only the surface you like the look of, but one which suits your lifestyle.


Dekton is known as an “ultra-compact surface”, which is Quartz based. Its extremely durable and strong and won’t stain, whilst maintaining a high resistance to cracking. They are also UV resistant and colours won’t fade, even if exposed to extreme sunlight. The colours are fairly limited, but they do offer various finishes with an approx cost of £600 per linear metre.


Quartz, although a man-made stone, has the durability of natural stone. Its non-porous and therefore doesn’t require sealing, which makes it highly stain resistant. Aside from the durability that quartz provides, this material is beautiful and its wide variety of color options will compliment any kitchen design. Costs are approx £400 per linear metre.


These worktops have a range of colours and textures and are man made, therefore bringing consistancy  to your design.  These are a formed work surface, and seamless joints can be achieved, giving your kitchen that modern, sleek, uninterrupted, desired  lines.  Costing approx £375 per linear metre.


This is perfect for a long lasting look with a luxurious feel but can be limited to mainly browns or light colours. Granite is a natural stone, meaning each slab is unique and costs are approx £300 per linear metre. Although offering a beautiful look, with style and durability, you need to be careful with oils and spillage, as this can discolour the granite surface.

Compact Laminate

A relatively new material to the marketplace, but one which is durable, waterproof and easy to maintain whilst retaining a sense of style to any modern or traditional design. It can easily be cut into different shapes and is of similar price to timber, with an approx cost of £200 per linear metre.


Wooden worktops can look stunning and give warm and welcoming feel to any kitchen design. They are unique and can give a rustic and individual style.  With proper maintenance and care,  they can be kept in good condition for a long time and are hardwearing.  They do require attention though, and will need sanding and varnishing every 4 months.  Atmospheric changes will cause the wood to expand and retract, which we always  allow for in installation.  The approx cost is £200 per linear metre.


Laminates are the least expensive type of worktops available, and are only approximately £80.00 a linear metre. They are available in literally hundreds of different colours, styles and finishes to cater for every conceivable preference.  Advances in materials and technology over recent years have enabled laminates to mimic almost any look, from stone to wood and provide a functional yet stylish look.

For more information on kitchen worktops and help on how to create your dream kitchen, please contact us here to make an appointment.