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Truman Kitchens is a registered supplier and installer of the Perrin and Rowe range of kitchen taps and sinks. All Perrin and Rowe products and accessories can be ordered directly through us.
Bob Perrin and Greg Rowe were two friends who shared a passion for making things. Fascinated by traditional manufacturing, they loved tinkering with mechanical objects and making them work better. So much so that they gained a reputation for helping local companies with engineering problems, or producing small production runs of hard-to-make components. Forty years ago in East London, with limited funds and a factory that was little more than a garden shed, they began their partnership. Alongside a growing stream of projects from a wide range of different businesses, they worked on their own ideas and innovations. The idea that made their name, and international reputation, was the world’s first 3 in 1 tap – a tap that dispensed hot, cold and filtered water – using a unique patented waterway. Technology has always been at the heart of the company, but it’s Bob and Greg’s passion for traditional manufacturing craft that has defined the Perrin & Rowe brand. They believed, and they do today, that every product must be treated individually to ensure the highest possible quality. Mass production is not their business. The full range of Perrin & Rowe Kitchen Taps and Sinks include:
The full range of Perrin & Rowe Kitchen Taps and Sinks include:
  • Kitchen Taps
  • Kitchen Sink Mixers
  • Filtration Taps
  • Instant Hot Taps
  • Kitchen Sinks (Stainless Steel, Fireclay, Single Bowl and Double Bowl Sinks
All of these Perrin and Rowe products and accessories can be ordered and installed through Truman Kitchens by contacting us here.