Your kitchen, your colour

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At Trumans Kitchens we believe that the correct colour is absolutely paramount in achieving the perfect overall look and design of your bespoke kitchen and should reflect your personality and style. We can advise you and work with you, with our extensive range of colour palette’s and knowledge, to ensure its your kitchen, your colour.

As part of our bespoke kitchen range, we can design and install your kitchen in any colour of your choice. Many design schemes start with an item of desire, which is the perfect way to ensure the completed project is a kitchen that you love spending time in and don’t want to leave. It might be that you have found your dream colour on Pinterest or have a favourite item of clothing or ornament, or perhaps some art work you adore the colour scheme of.

There are no limitations to our colour choices. In addition to our large standard range, all of our timber painted doors can be made in any colour of your choice, or can be colour matched to design a kitchen without compromise. We are able to offer an exclusive selection of colours for every colour scheme you can imagine, from classic or contemporary, new or time-honoured favourites.

When choosing your colour scheme, there are no set rules. You can match beautifully with a lighter, neutral colour or decide on a stronger, deep colour to create a bolder statement. A darker shade for an island or pantry are perfect ways of introducing additional colour and contrast to the space. There is no right or wrong, it’s your kitchen, your colour.

Soft shades of grey, warm whites and earthy beige will always promote a light and airy feeling and can open up a small space into one filled with an open plan feel. Grey is gaining ground on white as the go-to neutral for a contemporary or classic kitchen, creating a sense of calm by using grey as a background colour on walls or cabinets. Grey pairs well with every colour, so it makes a versatile foundation for your kitchen colour combination.

Green is a firm favourite with it’s calming colour choice. The colour of nature, it suggests harmony and balance and works particularly well with natural materials such as solid wood, stone and glass. It’s also extremely versatile, with a wealth of hues including sage, teal, emerald and moss available to design with.

Still a popular choice is blue which is wonderfully calming, with a wealth of tones ranging from indigo to cornflower to duck egg and is certainly a comforting, peaceful and supremely versatile choice.

Our rose pink is a stunning colour choice, with stand-out accessories such as copper or brass handles, antiqued mirrored splashback, and white quartz, looking beautifully fresh.

For further advice on choosing your kitchen, your colour, please contact us here.