Why visit a kitchen showroom?

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Somethings cannot be purchased on the internet and a kitchen purchase is certainly one of them. The power of the internet for smaller purchases is more than satisfactory, but a new kitchen is one of the largest and most beneficial purchases you will make to your home, and although research and browsing will always start online, the reasons why you should visit a kitchen showroom are extensive, with showrooms being a critical element to engage and expand what can be obtained digitally.


Searching through Instagram and Pintrest is a great way to gather inspiration for any interior design project but visiting a kitchen showroom is the only way to truly get your project started. A showroom will help you decide what works best for you, including style, colours and materials. Whether you are looking for a traditional style, modern or just simply don’t know where to start, a visit to a showroom will inspire you to consider something new and help to visualise what will work with your existing home.

Expert advice and customer service

Talking to an experienced designer to establish a full understanding of how you will use your new kitchen is paramount to creating the perfect space, this process should not be overlooked.

Specialist advice and knowledge from experienced kitchen designers who have crafted their trade for years, should never be under rated. With face to face attention, you can ask a multitude of questions and take advantage of the expert advice and guidance. You will find the ideas that you had can be enhanced at design stage, and new ideas explored.

Explore colours and textures

The excitement of walking into a showroom and actually being able to touch and see the colours and textures of different materials is unrivalled. Ideas online are one dimensional, and although a good base to start from, won’t come alive until seen and paired with other design elements. Available materials and products can be explained in detail to provide a better understanding, and allow you to make an informed decision of what products are most suitable to achieve your dream kitchen.

Quality and workmanship

We have all purchased something online, that hasn’t quite lived up to our expectations in quality, in some cases, looking nothing the photo we so naively trusted in. For smaller purchase, we live and learn but with interior design we need to see, feel and discuss durability and workmanship which only a showroom offers. Opening doors and drawers and feeling the quality of the doors and worksurfaces is imperative and it also allows you to view other options that may be more suitable for your needs. Viewing a showroom will also allow you to view the standard to installation, which is major consideration when purchasing a kitchen.

Gain confidence

Confidence in your designer and a personal bespoke experience should always be sought for peace of mind. A tailored service with a quality kitchen company ensures you get the very best design and customer service and also builds a relationship of trust, to ensure your budget and ideas are taken care of from initial design to installation.

Support local business

Of course, there are showrooms owned by major chains, but there are more owned by regional and local companies. Shopping at a local or locally owned business can do a lot to improve your town, with  local businesses helping the area’s economy and make it healthier. Shopping at a local business gives you the chance to play a first-hand role in improving the local economy.

For further information on why you should visit a kitchen showroom, and how we can assist and advise you further, please contact us here.

This blog is based on the ethos of Truman Kitchens only.