Top kitchen ideas and trends for 2022

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We love to look forward to the new trends for the coming year. Whilst the basic elements of a classic kitchen remain timeless, design trends come and go, with colours, textures and materials changing in popularity. As we prepare to round up 2021 one thing is for sure, the kitchen remains the hub of the home, more than ever. We have spent far more time in our kitchens over the past 2 years with our homes now our sanctuary and the kitchen becoming arguably the most important room in the house! So with 2021 nearly behind us we look at the top kitchen ideas and trends for 2022 and explore which exciting predictions we believe you will be embracing in your kitchen next year.


Bold shades of blues and greens have taken centre stage over the last year. Often used as a statement kitchen island they will remain a firm favourite for 2022.

Black and graphite are also becoming increasingly popular in our painted and handless ranges.  Accompanied by all black appliances they convey sophistication and chic and these dark rich colours quite simply look stunning!

Interior design has seen the return of soft neutrals over the past year. These warm shades of cream and taupe will make their way to the kitchen industry throughout 202, bringing further calm and tranquillity into our living spaces.

Home bars

Home bars are also on the rise as we spend more time socialising and entertaining at home. The desire to sit back and relax in our own home has prompted a rise in the need for a dedicated space for this important activity. It doesn’t have to be a separate room or a large space, but a small area with a beautifully designed cabinet can make this much needed downtime all the more enjoyable.

Top kitchen ideas and trends for 2022 Truman Kitchens Sutton Coldfield


The breakfast pantry

We continue to see a demand for storage pantries or breakfast cabinets, as extremely functional storage solutions. Following the move to keep work surfaces free of kettles and toaster, pantries are a practical addition to any kitchen and this perfect storage solution remains at the top of our clients wish list for their dream kitchen. A designated area for breakfast items, with everything in one place, easily accessible and which can then be neatly tucked away after use, has moved from a wish list to a necessity, with many wondering how they ever managed without it.

Top kitchen ideas and trends for 2022 Truman Kitchens Sutton Coldfield 1

Open shelving

Making the kitchen look brighter and feeling more open has got to be an advantage to designing the perfect kitchen and open shelving does just that. Providing a contemporary feel or feature to any design style, open shelving really mixes things up!  Using contrasting materials and colours can bring the wow factor to even the smallest of spaces and the beauty of open shelving is you can change the look of the kitchen by simply restyling your shelves.


Decorative splashbacks

A slab backsplash is simply a backsplash made of a continuous material and can create an especially big, bold look and unlike a traditional backsplash that consists of tile and grout, a solid slab backsplash is made with a continuous slab of natural stone that seamlessly transitions from the countertops up the wall of your kitchen. Whether you opt for quartz, granite, or another material, a solid slab backsplash is sure to make a statement and is one of our top kitchen ideas and trends for 2022.


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