Timeless Kitchen trends that will never go out of style

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Striking the right balance between a current trend and longevity is always a tough call. Do we go with what’s in fashion at the moment or choose a timeless kitchen trend that will never go out of style? We would always advise our clients to go with their hearts but with our guidance there are some designs that will always look stylish and will stay with you for years to come.

Shaker style

Shaker cabinets got their name from the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing-more commonly known as Shakers. As they spread across New England, they began to manufacture handcrafted, high-quality “shaker style” furniture, including what is today known as shaker cabinets. Back in those days, any furniture made by the Shakers was known to have the best craftsmanship and was created with the highest standards. Each item was made with pride, and their design was durable, simplistic, and understated.

Traditionally Cherry wood and Maple were the most commonly used in the manufacture of Shaker furniture but of course this has evolved in modern times whilst the style of kitchen unit featuring a flat centre panel and square edges, with minimal detailing or profiling, remains the same.

Shaker style kitchens never date and look great in traditional and contemporary homes. There are a number of ways that you can incorporate Shaker kitchen design into your plans. It has traditional appeal and is timeless in its design, but you can modernise this look with a variety of colours from light greys to dark blues and an abundance of beautiful handles.

Kitchen island

Kitchen islands have become a real icon of the modern kitchen and are perfect for the whole family to gather around to relax, cook, entertain and enjoy each other’s company .A kitchen island is a freestanding cabinet which can either match your existing kitchen design or compliment it, with kitchen stools around it for extra seating, it can also include integral storage drawers or cabinets and can be used to house your cooking appliances.

An island combines functionality and style and is a real focus point in your kitchen design. Typically, islands are rectangular, which offers the greatest amount of worktop and storage space in the centre of a large kitchen. However, square kitchen islands can be the ideal solution for a practical small kitchen.

Glass cabinets

Glass front cabinets are a timeless kitchen trend that will never go out of style and can add a different dimension to any kitchen design.  Glass reflects light, which brightens up dark rooms, and can be the ideal place to display your beautiful glass collection or crockery. WIth the added addition of some carefully placed cabinet lighting, it can create the perfect ambiance at night adding a layer of warmth and interest.

Belfast sink

Nothing creates more of a focal point in your sink choice than a Belfast sink, which gains its name unsurprisingly from the city it was originally made in. Usually made from fireclay ceramic, these sinks are manufactured as a double bowl as well as the traditional single bowl, and are normally seen in white or cream, although stainless steel and granite options are also popular to add a contemporary twist. Large in size, they are practical and stylish and can add timeless touch to any design.

Kitchen trends come and go, but some timeless kitchen elements never date. For further information on timeless kitchen trends that will never go out of style, please contact us here.