The beauty of bespoke kitchens

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“Bespoke” is a word that has been commonly used in many different sectors lately. One specific area where the word has been used is the kitchen customisation sector. We hear people talk about “bespoke kitchens” and people wonder what it really means. Therefore, to expound on this term, we will take a look into this in a bit more detail, and explore the beauty of bespoke.

All of our kitchens are made to order, which means there are no limitations to function and design. Every aspect of the planning process is carried out with great attention to detail, ensuring it flows with ease of use and style. No design element is off limits as every cabinet and door is made to order in specific size and colour.

The design process and honing into our clients individual style and needs is something that we are passionate about and enjoy immensely. With our background in kitchen installation and interior design this is one of our favourite parts of the process, that and seeing it come together with a happy client. As part of our design consultation we love creating new and exciting designs with our clients.

One of the key benefits of specifying a made-to-measure kitchen is that your cabinetry can be designed to fit any space in your home, making the most out of even the smallest of spots and ensuring challenging features can all be enhanced.

The use of space is really evident in a bespoke kitchen as the worktops and cabinets are measured and designed for the space available, unlike a fitted kitchen where the doors and cabinets are standard sizes and can only be designed to the unit sizes available, leaving wasted space and unused or misused areas that are not ideal or individual to the user. This means that bespoke kitchens can offer more design features and more inventive storage solutions because it is purposely built for your individual space.

We believe that the correct colour is absolutely paramount in achieving the perfect overall look and design of your bespoke kitchen and should reflect your personality and style. We can advise you and work with you, truly exploring the beauty of bespoke, with our extensive range of colour palette’s and knowledge. We offer a huge range of paint colours, and also a bespoke colour matching service if you have a specific colour in mind, to match perfectly with the rest of your home.

When you choose to have a kitchen built bespoke, you have control over every element. The choices that you make reflect your personality and lifestyle. The kitchen needs to be a reflection of who you are and this can be showcased in many formats of design from colour, lighting, cabinets and flooring choices.

The beauty of a bespoke kitchen specifically made for you is just that, with no two designs the same, it has your personal touch and has serious time and consideration taken over it. From the initial contact and design consultation, through to the manufacturing and installation, the relationships we develop with our clients enables us to offer a truly bespoke experience. Creating pieces of furniture uniquely for you.

For further details on the beauty of bespoke kitchens, please contact us here.