The beauty of an inframe kitchen

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We are sure you have or are hearing the words “inframe” if you are considering the possibility of a new kitchen.  But what does it actually mean? How does an inframe kitchen differ to a standard kitchen and what are the benefits you could expect to see?

An inframe kitchen gives a unique and individual look to your design, this is where a frame is attached to the front edge of a kitchen unit and the doors are then placed inside the 36 mm frame so that they open within it. This is a feature of traditional cabinetry that has become extremely popular again in recent years and can achieve the stunning look you may just be looking for, which is instantly recognisable by its design.

For hundreds of years, the vast majority of kitchen cabinets were crafted using the in-frame method where the cabinet door is perfectly fitted within the carcass. The in-frame look was a very popular kitchen in homes back in the early 1900s.

Advances post war, with the introduction of laminate and various types of advanced technology, enabled a cheaper, more cost effective way of designing and installing kitchen cabinets.

Although not as well-made or sturdy some would say, a compromise was reached as funds were stretched and limited whilst the country learnt to rebuild. But in recent years, with a global move back to durability and longevity, inframe kitchen carcasses with custom-fitted doors have become a prominent feature in kitchen design trends again because of the fine craftsmanship of the units and detail that accompany the installation.

What are the benefits of an inframe kitchen?

Despite just looking aesethically pleasing there is a longer lasting effect with solid wood inflame kitchens that really will stand the test of time over the years. The overall quality and material is of a higher, durable construction resulting in the perfect custom being achieved.

The inframe kitchen also looks more sophisticated, with a nod back to the old style of carpentry and workmanship whilst still offering a huge range of modern and contemporary looks for your kitchen design.  As they are custom-made, you can see the craftsmanship, quality and perfection in the framed look and the colours, designs and possibilities are endless to achieve your dream kitchen.

For further details on an Inframe Kitchen and how Trumans Kitchens can guide and assist you in your designs, please contact us here.