Quartz kitchen worktops

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Quartz kitchen worktops offer the perfect finishing touch to add a rich and luxurious feel to your new kitchen design.

Quartz is not mined out of the earth like granite and other materials and cut into slabs, therefore making it possible for the manufacturers to engineer worktops that are exceptionally beautiful and consistent. They can also be finished so that each has a shiny surface with a muted satin look, in many different colours and design.  Your options are nearly endless as quartz ranges from natural colours such as whites, blacks and browns to other colours such as gold’s or blues with small amounts of glass or metallic flecks added to create variety,


As a material Quartz is one of the strongest available and therefore makes an ideal choice for worktops. Created from 93% quartz combined with 7% resin to bind it together they are extremely hard-wearing and highly practical. It is the strongest option available for kitchen worktops and is non-porous which means it is scratch and stain-resistant, as well as being impervious to bacteria. Although they aren’t stain-proof, they are highly stain-resistant and will not require sealing or future maintenance. A non abrasive sponge with warm soap and water is all that this surface will require to maintain the worktops.


Quartz is extremely versatile, meaning  that you can have more intricate designs such as curves, fancy edges and irregular shapes. As well as being highly resistant, Quartz will not need buffing dry or polishing, it will dry without smears.  Quartz kitchen worktops do not burn, or give off smoke or toxic substances when exposed to high temperatures, making them a popular option in kitchen design.

Colours And Design

Available in a variety of colours and patterns, quartz kitchen worktops are a great choice for those looking for a sophisticated finish to their kitchen design. Offered in a gloss or matt finish with an abundance of choice, the colours really are vast, with up to date trends being constantly recognised and catered for.

Dyes, glass or metallic flecks are added to this natural stone to provide many different finishes from glossy, plain to flecked or sparkly. The extensive spectrum of Quartz kitchen worktops means a variety of colour pigmentations can be infused to any processed quartz stone, thanks to its manufacturing process.  It is, indeed, a timeless stone that offers unimaginable colour shades for your design ideas.

When planning your kitchen, it’s important to select the appropriate worktop material. Since it’s a long term investment, you need to take your time and do your homework.  At Truman Kitchens we understand that creating the perfect kitchen can be as exciting as it is daunting and we can bring the knowledge and expertise to help and inspire you to create your dream room.

For further advice on Quartz kitchen worktops and other kitchen inspiration, please contact us here or call us on 0121 351 5169 to make an appointment to visit our showroom.