Open shelving in your kitchen

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Open Shelving in your kitchen…..a trend that you would embrace? Or would your need for tidiness and perfection just not allow it? Well, its here to stay and we think there is a way to get this look just right and to enhance and open up your kitchen space to create an airy and artistic look.

We all have those cupboards that are full to the brim of mismatched kitchenware and if the thought of having all this on show fills you with dread, fear not, there is a way to perfect this look, and showcase your skills to create a real statement and define your kitchen space with your own, unique personality.

Enhance a small kitchen

Smaller kitchens can sometimes feel quite enclosed and slightly claustrophobic.  This is where open shelving in your kitchen can really come into its own.  A smaller, even dark kitchen, can look much bigger and lighter with open shelves without overwhelming the area, where as closed cabinets could enclose the space and limit the light.

Designs, colours and tones

The trick here is to make to space functional and stylish.   Choose pieces which are similar in design and tone to enhance the look and consider the overall theme of your kitchen. Stoneware materials can work well in a traditional farmhouse look and copper and gold’s bring an exciting twist to an urban theme with the emphasis being, on the on trend, industrial look which can make you feel like you’re cooking in a busy, commercial kitchen.

Flexible and changeable

The beauty of open shelving is you really can change the look of your kitchen with simple, affordable pieces. Bored of the colours? Change the products on show.  Add a splash of colour to a white, contemporary kitchen to bring a whole new feel to it, or choose a statement piece on a shelf and work around that to bring bursts of different colours and textures to your look. Open shelving is also convenient, dispelling the need to rummage around in cupboards for the correct items and utensils-they are there, on hand to use immediately.

Types of shelving

Kitchens with rows of base and wall cabinets provide the ample storage that most of us need but it’s the open shelving that gives our kitchens character.  If you’ve chosen a beautiful timber for your worktops, use the same timber for your shelves as it will create a balanced look.  Consider wall to wall shelving too, to bring a stylish, practical feature to your room.

We design, manufacture and install many styles of bespoke shelving, including bookcases and entertainment stations to either match or contrast with your kitchen colours, all made to you individual specifications.

Open shelving doesn’t just have to be on the walls, an option is filling one side of an island with open shelves in the same material as wall cabinets to bring a great way of adding colour and interest to your kitchen scheme.

Stand alone shelving in a bookcase or storage unit format can now come in an assortment of sizes, materials and colours or even be customised to fit with your own decoration. It is an invaluable piece of furniture and it can be used in any room of the house.  Floating shelves with lighting behind them can add warmth and a cosy feel.

The trend for eliminating clutter is not for the faint hearted but with open shelving in your kitchen, you can create a style statement and give guests a glimpse of your personality and lifestyle.  For more information and advice please contact us here.