Kitchen storage solutions

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A huge proportion of our lives are spent in our kitchens, which often take centre stage and are the hub of our home.  No longer just used for eating, we now socialise and conduct our busy lives around our kitchen tables, whether that be for work or entertainment.  It’s paramount that our kitchen storage solutions offer ease and functionality to assist with this and there are may options that can be explored to help make our lives that little bit easier.

Storage Towers

If you want a larder unit that offers plenty of storage space, whose inner pull-outs can be designed individually and that gives you easy access to items from all three sides, then a storage tower could be the way forward. It is a convenient and ergonomic way to store food which also has full extensions that give you clear visibility and easy access to provisions from all three sides.

This unit comes in all heights, widths and depths and can be tailored to your individual storage space needs. This clever cabinet makes optimal use of the storage space available. Provisions can be kept together and clearly organised, with Inner dividing systems tidying up interiors and ensuring that items don’t tip. Each pull-out has an impressive load bearing capacity so the larder unit can even safely hold heavy items such as bottles.

Corner Storage

There are often hard-to-reach corners that sit empty and unused, while the space that you can access is overcrowded and cluttered. Getting maximum use of every bit of space is a real challenge with kitchen storage solutions. An awkward corner can be maximized by using smart storage solutions to bring the contents of the cupboard to you, so your items are easy to organise and access. Using smart frame solutions guarantee ease of access to both sets of shelving, whilst carousels offer perfectly smooth and uninterrupted movement with every transition.

The LeMans, swings out fully, bringing the contents of your cupboard right to you, when you need it, is a great option. It opens at an angle that prevents it from colliding with handles on other cabinets meaning that even in kitchens with tight kitchen space, you don’t need to worry about damage being caused.

The Pantry

The essential ingredient for a classic kitchen is a pantry and these can be designed to your individual requirements. You can create dedicated and accessible storage with an array of features such as wine racks, spice drawers, rotating carousel systems and granite shelves to keep food cool. From a cupboard to a walk in pantry, the options are endless.

Plan your walk-in pantry properly, and it will revolutionise your kitchen space. If your pantry is a fairly small room, make sure you equip it with as many features as you can. Plenty of open shelving is a great way to utilise the space, allowing for more storage throughout. Vegetables should be kept at lower levels, where the air is cooler, and there are many options such as deep drawers and open racks to keep everything in premium condition. Glass fronted cabinets on the wall will allow you to see at a glance where any item you need is, without spending time searching for it.

Pull Outs

Pull-out larders blend into the overall design, and at first glance appear to be a normal cupboard. Once opened, the larder slides out to reveal its contents, offering far more storage space than a standard cupboard or drawer can offer.  Pull-out storage items make the best use of the space available, they are easy to access, you can store a lot of items inside them and everything is on view.

Drawer Inserts

Drawer dividers aren’t just for knives, forks, and spoons. Adjust them to accommodate large, small, and oddly shaped utensils. Using frames that can easily be placed in any position allows for the storage of any sized items. Perfect organisation and minimalist design with everyday functionality.

Waste Bins

Choose different sizes and shapes of containers to suit different sorts of waste, to save time spent sorting – the perfect solution for
busy households. Integrated bins sit neatly in kitchen units and remove unsightly, traditional free-standing bins from you and your guests’ view, making your kitchen area a great space to entertain in. Effective segregation means that less waste goes to landfill which makes for a healthier environment.  Bins are available in a range of sizes and configurations depending on your waste and recycling preferences.

So, if you’re thinking about ways to get more organised with practical kitchen storage solutions please contact us here to make an appointment to visit us at our showroom, where we can help and inspire you for a more functional and efficient kitchen of your dreams.