Kitchen lighting inspiration

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When planning your new kitchen, it’s always worth bearing in mind exactly how the lighting will affect your kitchen design. Now that our kitchens are increasingly performing on a multifunctional level, the lighting plan must evolve to cater for dining, relaxing, office or homework and entertaining and a well-planned kitchen lighting scheme can completely transform the look and feel of the space in an instant. It’s where you’re going to cook your best meals and entertain, so your kitchen needs to be well lit and functional, whilst looking amazing!

Wherever possible, the locations of kitchen lights should be thought through at the design stage so when designing your kitchen, make sure that lighting is part of the plan from the very start. Layering lighting on different circuits and dimmer switches is the perfect way to create the right light and ambience for different tasks, from bright lit areas for cooking, to low lights for dinner parties and relaxing. So if you want beautiful designer pendants or wall lights in your kitchen as well as more functional LED lights built into recesses and cabinets, you can get the balance right from the outset for your kitchen lighting inspiration.


A pendant light is any light fixture that is mounted to the ceiling and hangs down from the ceiling on a rod or chain or, sometimes, on three chains. It’s suspended like the pendant on a necklace, and that’s where it gets its name. In your kitchen, if you have an island or a peninsula base with no overhead cabinets as part of your counter space, one or more pendant lights can provide as much light as you need without interfering with your work area. At the same time, these lights can add to the general lighting in the room and a low hanging pendant can make the space more inviting, and can encourage a feeling of togetherness at the table.  A chandelier or large pendant would often go above a dining table and it’s very popular for an island to have 3 low hanging pendant lights.

Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lighting is a versatile type of lighting that won’t only complement the design and ambience of your kitchen, but it will illuminate your work area and make your culinary adventures more effortless. With the help of under cabinet lighting, work surfaces and cabinetry are properly illuminated so you can showcase your latest dinner set! LEDs have brought a new dimension to kitchen lighting and they use very little electricity and can fit in the tightest of spaces. One variation on modern kitchen lighting is the under cabinet spot which casts an arc of light on to the work surface, brimming over to add ambient light into the surrounding area.

Wall Lighting

If your ceilings are low, or you want something a bit different, you could integrate wall lighting into your kitchen design. Wall lights now come in a range of lights, with different materials, colours and styles, and can be an artistic addition to your kitchen space. Lighting should always be looked at in layers. Ceilings lights alone can make a kitchen too harsh, too bright. Wall lights therefore, are just one of the various lighting components that your kitchen lighting inspiration should look to, and one that should absolutely not be overlooked.

Kitchen Island Lighting

A thoughtful lighting design can transform your kitchen island from a barely functional space into the centre piece of your kitchen but you can get lost in all the choices to light your kitchen island as there are so many options to consider. For a luxurious look, consider hanging a chandelier-style fixture or fixtures over your kitchen island in crystal or glass. These types of lights are often larger than pendant lights but still provide adequate lighting over your kitchen counter to make food preparation easier. However, just like pendant lights and other hanging lights, make sure to take the ceiling height into consideration. Chandelier fixtures have the potential to break up the space, and they tend to work best in larger kitchens with high ceilings. Recessed lighting may be a better option if your ceilings are low.

Natural Lighting

Don’t underestimate the benefits of natural light in your kitchen. Skylights, French doors and windows will help flood your kitchen with daylight. This will then bounce off surfaces, giving you a bright and functional space for your practical room. South facing kitchens are ideal for energy saving and natural light renovations. North facing kitchens may feel colder on the whole, and the light coming in will be indirect for most of the day. For east and west oriented kitchens, light will be brighter and more intense either in the morning or evening. Regardless, natural lighting is always a positive and value-adding addition to any home.

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