Kitchen Cabinet Colours

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Let’s talk kitchen cabinet colours. Choosing new kitchen cabinets can be such a hard decision to make and its not just the style and finish you should consider. Cabinets and drawers will be one of the most focal points in you dream room and need to reflect the rest of the design, they will define your whole kitchen in style and function. Colour is a huge factor and the cabinet shade will set the tone for the whole  room, and should compliment your personality and design.

Farrow & Ball are a British manufacturer of paints and wallpapers largely based upon historic colour palettes and archives. The company was started by John Farrow and Richard Maurice Ball in 1946  in Wimborne Minster, Dorset.

They have worked with the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty of the UK,  in formulating near to exact matches for the restoration of historic building interiors and exteriors.

They maintain an updated colour chart of 132 colours and we love the quality and colours that they offer. They bring the finest ingredients for deeper, richer colours with high performance paints that are not only beautiful, but durable and eco-friendly.

Their uncompromising dedication to quality is evident in every component of their paint, from the responsibly sourced pigments that give it its rich colour to its iconic and infinitely recyclable tin. They are also uncompromising about who they work with, ensuring that they only source ingredients from suppliers who share their ethos. We feel all these qualities make this company unrivalled and love working with them.

A recent new colour range that they have just bought out, draws its influence from The Natural History Museum. The story of the Colour by Nature collection has been over two centuries in the making, beginning with the publication of Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours.

A ground-breaking classification of colour in nature, Werner’s Nomenclature recorded in painstaking detail the exact hues and corresponding parts of animals, vegetables and minerals from across the natural world, becoming a treasured resource for scientists and artists alike.  A beautiful collection of new, inspiring colours, that we are very excited to be working with and bringing to our bespoke kitchens.

There’s no escaping trends. Whether you live by them or feel totally unaffected, from popular paint shades to furniture choices, everything designed for our homes is influenced by a wider trend, and we feel that green could be the next big colour for 2020 in kitchen interior design.

It is said the abundance of green found in nature makes this colour evoke feelings of growth, renewal and rebirth. Green is a mix of blue and yellow – so it combines the cheerfulness of yellow with the calming effects of blue. It creates a mood of relaxation and tranquillity and is believed to help relieve stress. Farrow and Ball offer an abundant range of greens with their new collection offering a further 4 beautiful shades of green to tempt you into our predicted new trend for next year.

Our kitchens are truly bespoke and manufactured to order, they can be designed and manufactured to any style and colour of your choice, with no limitations to space ….anything is possible.

For more information on choosing your kitchen cabinet colours and help on how to create your dream kitchen, please contact us here to make an appointment.