J-Groove handleless kitchen door style

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Following on from last weeks article on the different various handleless kitchen door styles, we would like to discuss the ‘J-Groove’ option, which is another popular choice. The J-Groove style provides a sleek and handleless feel to your kitchen, with subtle and elegant details and J-Groove handles look stunning in contemporary designs.

J-Groove, also known as J-Pull is a handleless style that has a ‘J’ shaped curve built into the top of the cabinet door or drawer front, perfectly shaped to pull open and can offer a sleek modern look to your kitchen.

This unique design means you don’t touch the door, so the surface remains smudge-free and remains cleaner for longer. This style adds both practicality and function to any door or drawer front and is available in a variety of options and the J-Groove handle is routed into the top of the door itself for a truly seamless front, or the backing can be customised to offer a stunning contrast. The J-Groove is also part of our bespoke timber range enabling a choice from our extensive colour options, or in fact any colour of your choice.

A very important factor when choosing this style is that the door should not be thinner than 20mm, or the handle/J Groove would be too thin, leaving the door compromised.

The key benefit of a handleless kitchen is that it creates a sleek and streamlined appearance, which can be ideal if you want to create a minimalist look in your home, and in addition, with no handles there is no chance of catching your clothes or skin on one, and this can be particularly useful for safety reasons if you have children.

A handleless kitchen creates a smoother transition between rooms in the home, improving flow. It can be especially useful for open plan kitchens where you can enjoy a more seamless divide.

For further information on the J-Groove handleless kitchen door style and other designs and options, please contact us here.