How to design a classic kitchen

There are lots of different styles circling the kitchen world currently – from vibrant colours to chic glam to urban decor.

But what is the perfect kitchen for those wanting the following features:

  • Iconic features
  • On-trend colours
  • Rustic charm
  • Contemporary style
  • Beautiful craftmanship

Well, a classic kitchen, of course!

With this design, the positives of the past are combined perfectly with present-day elements.

So, what features do you need to consider for a classic kitchen?


Let’s start with the doors – which open us up to endless possibilities!

With our range of doors, which includes in-frame designs, you can choose any colour of your choice to paint them, enabling you to create a showstopping kitchen with a personal twist. Whether it is cream, sage or lilac, whatever colour feels like home to you, we have it!


Next, think about what type of appliances you need in your classic kitchen and what styles suit the theme best. We suggest opting for a Range cooker as this state-of-the-art equipment sets the classic feel beautifully, whilst keeping the benefits of modern-day, such as cooking catering for many people.

If you are cooking for 20 people or two, this cooker allows you to be in control of your cooking time.

Or if a large oven is not your thing, two single ovens side by side also creates the setting to design the iconic mantel piece.


Want to really get that classic and homey feel to your kitchen? A stunning Belfast sink has a beautiful ceramic design, which when paired with polished taps, are the perfect features to add to your classic kitchen. Plus, this can be a great opportunity to add some contrasting materials and colours to the room.


If there is space in the kitchen, consider adding a pantry to fit the classic theme. In Victorian times, pantries stored tableware such as china, glassware, and silverware, but nowadays, many people use them to store dry food and drinks too.

We suggest using them to store appliances such as toasters and coffee machines, which can be brought out in the morning to complete the breakfast space.

Pantries really add to the rustic theme of a classic kitchen, and we are sure you will have lots of admirers! Find out more of their benefits in our blog here.

For more information about our classic kitchen collection or to book an appointment with one of our experts, contact us.