Handleless door styles explained

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Over the coming weeks we are going to explore the 3 main different types of handleless door styles which are now a classic modern look in kitchens. The handless door offers smooth, sleek lines with a practical element, with no catching or bumping into handles and an easy clean option which could sway you in your decision. If you love clean lines, smooth finishes and an uncluttered look – a handleless kitchen may be an ideal solution for your kitchen design.

The first in our series of articles is the Railed System which is a very popular choice with our clients. The very definition of a true handleless kitchen is it’s handle rail and this specific style is an aluminium rail which is available in 7 colours including brass, copper and graphite, which in effect, allows you to place your fingers over the top of the door/drawer front and pull it open from behind.
As part of our timber painted range we offer an oak painted rail in the colour of choice, whether it’s colour matching the door or a contrast and the rail system provides a seamless design in your handleless door style.

How the Railed System works

These aluminium rails are installed into cut recesses in the kitchen cabinets:

  • The top fit rail runs continuously through all kitchen units, leaving a recess between the underside of the worktop and top of door, enabling the door to be opened.
  • The mid fit rail is installed in between drawer fronts enabling the drawers to be opened.
  • The vertical rails are installed on the sides of tall units, leaving a space between the next unit or panel, where you can easily open the door(s).

The railed system in handleless door offers an air of simplicity, creating the perfect kitchen in any home. As a handleless kitchen has an elegant, timeless look, you needn’t worry about them looking dated in years to come. The sleek, unfussy profile characteristic of a handleless kitchen ensures the style will always be a ‘less-is-more’ design classic.

For further information on handleless door styles please contact us here.