Dare to go dark

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Are you thinking of being lured to the dark side of kitchen design? Are you nervous about moving away from a lighter, neutral colour scheme? White is both a classic and contemporary design choice, so it typically complements your homes decor. However, if you’re looking for an elegant feel, one option that will make your kitchen pop, is dark cabinets. If you dare to go dark you will have the ability to create a sleek environment that reflects sophistication and style.

Brighter lighting and Contrast

If you’re looking to add more vivid contrast to your interior decor that will breathe new life into your kitchen, darker cabinets are the perfect choice. Dark colours create a gorgeous natural ambiance and when you enter your kitchen early in the morning, the gentle shimmer of bright light that flows in from your windows will highlight your darkened cabinet, creating a beautiful and dynamic environment. And as such, offer a different look depending on the outside light and time of day. The refined aesthetic that is created in this case will certainly be a conversation starter if you dare to go dark.

Luxurious Feel

Darker colours look beautiful with metallic finishes such as brass and copper. By installing dark kitchen cabinets, you will make a powerful statement but don’t be afraid to mix, match and create strong contrasts with metallic hues. Whether you’re looking for intensity or ultimate sleekness to bring to your kitchen, don’t be intimidated. The two surfaces of dark and metal are wonderfully balanced to give your room a feeling of understated luxury and by continuing a metallic finish throughout creates flow.


Strategic lighting to hi-light and showcase your dark cabinets is a must. It adds functionality, drama and beauty and is a key component to a great kitchen design. A combination of ambient, accent and task lighting will ensure layers of lighting can be used at various different times throughout the day and dependant on your activity, will create the perfect mood and ambience to bring life to the beauty of the dark cabinets.


Darker cabinets stand out beautifully when they are used in contrast to natural wall colours, lighter countertops and backsplashs. This difference is not only dramatic in its appearance; it allows you to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.  A light countertop, backsplash and floor will reflect light and contribute to expanding the space while lightening up the surrounding, which will help to provide balance and proportion when using dark shades.


Texture helps to add depth and interest to interior design spaces, especially darker colours. Wooden floorboards, wooden worktops and exposed brick walls all work together to balance out the starkness of dark cabinetry and give the space a more laid back feel. There are a wide range of natural and manufactured elements you can incorporate into your design, like wood, stone, metal and glass which work beautifully with dark cabinets.

For further information and design ideas if you think you may dare to go dark, please contact us here.