Creating a home bar

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One of the main interior design trends that is becoming increasingly popular is the rise of the home bar. At the moment, with the majority of our socialising being done at home, creating a home bar is not just a trend, but one which will bring years of enjoyment for the whole family and have many uses, even when we are able to get out and about again.

Our busy lives, long hours and stressful jobs, mixed with young families, may mean that we have less time to go out, but also value our home time so much more and appreciate the convenience of home entertaining. As more of us are creating kitchens and living spaces for more than just cooking, our homes are becoming the hub of our social life. Including a home bar is the perfect opportunity to add an additional dimension to your living space, not to mention stock your favourite drinks and accessories.

At this point the question arises: what is the most suitable room to build a home bar? The rooms that lend themselves to this function are precisely the kitchen. The options become easier if the kitchen and the living room are in an open plan space, allowing the usage of more available space, but a home bar can be suitable in any space with the correct design and planning. If you are fortunate to have enough space or even a spare room you could add a complete bar with stool and additional seating area.

Home Bar - Truman KitchensWhen creating a home bar, additional storage can also be included in the planning stage, as shown here in our modern design. With additional drawers below and glass holders, another possibility is to include an additional sink and Quooker tap. We have included sliding slotted doors into our design and a full mirrored splashback which reflects the light, therefore making the space feel larger and brings a little bit of glamour to your home bar!

If your style is more towards an in-frame design, you could opt for a dresser style cabinetry with bi-fold doors. Adding wine coolers to the space below quartz worktops and matching splash back will add a functional but eye catching element to your home bar, with shelving for drinks and accessories offering ease of use and an open plan feel.

Don’t forget your accessories! Ideally the setup would include a selection of spirits, liquors, mixers, shakers and all the accompanying elements, a fridge and freezer (for ice and some spirits), a worktop area for fruits and garnishes, and of course a selection of glassware to ensure you have the right glass for every cocktail. These elements should be carefully considered when designing your bar. Some things you may want permanently on display, and others you will want to be able to put away when not being used, therefore the cabinetry therefore must be flexible, easy to maintain, and suited to the rest of your interiors.

For further advice and assistance in creating your home bar, please contact us here or call us on 0121 351 5169, where we will be happy to discuss and design your new beautiful, functional home bar.