Bringing the outside in

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Bringing the outside in is a common phrase these days, but what does it really mean? We are in unprecedented times at the moment, and with the advice to stay in, what better way to enjoy your home without the feelings of claustrophobia that could set in?

Summer days are nearing and there are many options available to you, to open up your kitchen and living space and create a beautiful area that runs seamlessly into light and outdoor gardens to increase the feelings of open space. Bringing a touch of nature to living spaces will create a contemporary design statement for homes, as well as bring calm and serenity to our busy lives.

Integrating your outdoor space with your home can also be a huge advantage to your family’s health as this integration means you can enjoy your garden, come rain or shine. Creating a natural transition between the two often separate areas is great because it draws you into your garden and encourages you to spend more time enjoying it.


One design trick is to implement different door styles to create a link between outside and in. For maximum connection to your outside space, add glazing to a solid wall using contemporary glass Bi-folding doors with narrow framing is a popular choice as they open fully creating a seamless indoor outdoor link, with many colours and sizes available.

If the aim is to introduce more natural light, sliding doors are also worth considering. They let in natural sunlight, and, as they can only be opened half the width of bi-folds, they offer a good comprise if you just want half of the back of the house opened up to the garden. Another option is French doors, which work well in a traditional-style settings.

Open plan

Another popular choice is to remove internal walls to create an open plan living space. A well-designed open plan layout can make for a light, spacious and sociable home. Adding an extension to your property to make the kitchen area larger and house and garden at the same level for flow of space, is also possible, creating much needed room for socialising and family life. Roof lanterns and skylights can both make fantastic additions to your home. Whilst structurally there are differences between the two, they both enable more natural light into the room.


Seating is a huge consideration in bringing the outdoors in. Not surprisingly, the general idea is that you should see the outdoors from indoors. For the outside to feel part of the inside, it needs to be seamless, so placement and location of any seating, whether it be a table and chairs or bench seating or an island with stools, is paramount to enable you to enjoy the garden in its entirety.


Lighting is also imperative to create the right atmosphere. Choosing complimentary lighting like glass lampshades gives a soft diffused light even on a duller day, and a large mirror can also help to bring in reflections and colour from outside.

Bring in the night light, not just the daylight – position your seating so that you can enjoy the sky turning from sunset to dusk to night and add outdoor lighting to illuminate the garden during the evening. Flooring can play a huge factor in creating the seamless flow from outside to in and you could consider matching your kitchen flooring colours or similar materials to your outside decking or patio area.


At Truman Kitchens we are happy to discuss your ideas to either implement small changes or larger projects to create a beautiful, calming open space, to relax and reflect in.  We carry out all property renovations including extensions and would love to help you achieve your dream room. Please contact us on 0121 351 5169 or email where we can provide quotations, drawings and suggestions.